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Drums, Percussion, Japanese drums(wadaiko) Player


From a young age Atsushi has been involved in the world of drumming. 

At the age of 6, he started playing traditional Japanese drums (wadaiko).

After watching a live drum performance when he was 13, he was immediately drawn to the drums. 

He made his professional debut shortly afterwards, at the age of 14.

Playing professionally in Tokyo at such a young age allowed him to grow into the musician that he is today.

Atsushi also organized and produced GROOVE DE NIGHT, an event which features crossover styles of music, as well as art.

His unique style of drumming cannot go unnoticed.

His drums features the traditional drum set, accompanied by the Japanese Wadaiko drum.

He masterfully blends the soul and simplicity of Japanese music with the groove and sprit of Western music. 

Also a track maker, and an artist,  Atsushi dedicates his life to his craft.

Endorsements: Pearl Drums / SABIAN ​Cymbals Vic Firth / REMO

Support by  Volcom

ATSUSHI MIKI Solo Performance / Rainy and Mountain

Short Performance Movie

宿場 Shukuba -DEMO- - miggy;Po
Mars Foot Print -DEMO- - miggy;Po

ATSUSHI MIKI a.k.a miggy;Po Trackmake Sample.

Art Works

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